Yogamatters Αρωματισμένα Μαξιλαράκια Ματιών - silver trim

Νέο Yogamatters Αρωματισμένα Μαξιλαράκια Ματιών - silver trim

Drift away and dream with the new eye pillow from the Yogamatters Silver Trim Collection.  Use to support restoration and relaxation during your yoga and meditation practice.

  • embellished with traditional Indian silver trim
  • removable soft cotton fabric cover
  • linseed with lavender-scented filling
  • thoughtfully produced in India with a long term Yogamatters partner

Use: An ideal prop for your home and studio practice.

  • place on top of the eyelids during Corpse Pose helping to release stress
  • rest in palms during Corpse Pose to enable deeper relaxation 

Please note that the lavender scent will fade over time and the silver trim pattern could vary slightly from the one shown in the product image.

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