Manduka engineered high line - abstract viper print

Manduka engineered high line - abstract viper print Ρούχα Yoga & Pilates

Tailored specifically for a hot practice, the Engineered High Line will keep you going when the going gets tough. Four-way stretch fabric makes deep poses a breeze and the double-layer gusset adds an extra layer of comfort.

-82% Polyester, 18% Elastane

-Contoured waist construction with built-in media pocket

-Laser cut bottom hem

-Double-layer gusset

-Four-way stretch fabric


-27" (65.58cm) inseam

use & care

Wash & dry in low temperatures to prolong garment shelf life while also conserving energy. Always avoid using fabric softeners – they can inhibit wicking and breathability in performance fabrics. Do not dry clean.


Manduka® uses fabrics made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and/or plant-based material because they’re kinder to the earth and comforting to your body.

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