Buddha Yoga Pants - olive green

Buddha Yoga Pants - olive green
  • Made with 100% organic material.
  • Dyed with plant based materials.
  • Great for PJs, yoga, dance, and more.
  • Made with thick organic cotton.
  • Available in three earth tone colors.
  • Runs a tad shorter because of the thicker material


    • Fabric: 100% Cotton
    • Color: Green
    • Style Features: Solid
    • Fit: Loose
    • Rise: Low rise
    • Length: Above ankle
    • Adjustable: Yes

Perfect for Summer
As the temperatures rise and summer road trips arrive, find comfort, ease and style in Buddha Pants. These pants are perfect for hot weather because they are soft, breathable and made of organic cotton. Pair with a crop top or wear over a bikini in the heat of summer; pair with a slouchy sweater or hoodie during a spring chill, knowing that summer is nearby.
Your New Travel Buddy
Buddha Pants are a traveler’s dream pant: flowy, cool, and stylish. You can move from the yoga mat to a night out in these pants. While they are easily washable, the intricate textile patterns hide dust and dirt. Sit long hours on the plane or backpack to exotic places in comfort with these pants. Using one pocket, you can fold these pants into a pillow for long travel trips.

The loose fit but snuggly material makes these the perfect everyday pant, from practicing your favorite yoga poses to lounging around the house.

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